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 Why Use BrokerBin?
BrokerBin is the World's Largest B2B Wholesale Network exclusively for Brokers, Resellers, and Integrators, over 10,664 members in 61 countries. Our unique sourcing and searching tools were requested by and designed for companies like yours. Buy and sell new and used systems, software, parts, peripherals and bulk shipments in RECORD TIME!!!

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Team BWS
BrokerBin.com announces its new company, TeamBWS. This is the web development team that designed BrokerBin.com. TeamBWS specializes in building websites that are as simple, or as complex, as you want. Informational website, of course. E-com, no problem. Consulting, absolutely.
• E-Commerce• BrokerBox
• Live Operator• Inventory Mgmt.
• Market Intel.• Content Mgmt.
 Features List
  •  Searches
  •  Item Listings
  •  User Logins
  •  Uploads
  •  Market Reports
  •  Escrow Service
  •  Broadcast with Filters
  •  My Vendors List
  •  Instant Messaging
  •  Multi Part Search
  •  HotList Report
  •  Supply & Demand
  •  HECI/ CLEI Searching
  •  Personal Settings
  •  Free Toolbar
  •  6,633,009 Items
  •  Currency Converter
  •  Sortable Columns
  •  Filtering by Mfgs
  •  Product images
  •  System Configurator/ Part Cart
  •  POS, ATM, Telecom, & IC Products
  •  RTI (Real-Time Inventory)
  •  BPS (Bid Procurement System)
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